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At Above The 6, we believe in using the participation in sport as a means to teach kids valuable life skills. Our program is tailored to suit everyone from the first time basketball player, all the way up to the elite rep player.

Above The 6 believes in the fundamentals. Not just dribbling, passing and shooting, but footwork, vision, court sense and teamwork. Our philosophy is to keep kids moving, active and involved. Getting as many reps as they can. 10,000 hours of practice is considered to be the goal to become an expert in anything, and we want kids to fulfill as many of those hours as possible with us. Our goal for the elite players is to help them refine their skills so that they can make it to the next level. With consultation from University, Provincial and National level coaches, our program will help propel your child to achieve their on-court aspirations.

What separates us from other basketball camps is not only our focus on life skills learned through basketball, but we also give kids an opportunity to apply this knowledge in the classroom right away. We bring our experience as coaches and classroom teachers to our campers. With proven success at the elementary school level, we have a program that will help your child find success on the court and in the classroom.

Above The 6 Directors, George Thomas and Katerina Papanastasiou have over 26 years teaching experience combined and a number of additional qualifications in Math, Physical Education, Literacy and Special Education. Both our directors have created and delivered professional development opportunities for teachers in Math and Literacy. Both our directors have had on the court success as well, leading their school and/or rep teams to multiple championships. Many of their former players are playing Secondary School, AAU and Collegiate level basketball.
Our life skills portion of our philosophy focuses on creating leaders and problem solvers. Both traits that employers look for, and that help young people separate themselves from the pack.

Above The 6 is excited about our partnership with TWIST Fitness and Conditioning out of WYNN Fitness Clubs, Richmond Hill.  TWIST coaches will be providing our campers with exclusive sport and age specific training as well as sport and age specific nutritional guidance.

At Above The 6 your child will learn these life skills through basketball:

Team work
Goal setting as an individual and as a team
Problem Solving
How to win and stay on top
How to lose and bounce back stronger



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