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Intermediate Lady Falcons 2019 York Region Champs

Coach Thomas’ Intermediate Lady Falcons basketball team, from his school, Ashton Meadows PS won the 2019 York Region Championship. This is the fourth time in the last five years, that a Lady Falcons team has been crowned York Region Champs.  The girls received a number of compliments through messages sent to Coach Thomas from executives on the York Region Athletic Council:

“A special mention to George Thomas and the girls from Ashton Meadows, who bore the mantle of “front runner” with class and dignity. The girls were impressive both on the court and in the way they conducted themselves off it. George, you should be, and likely are, incredibly proud of them as student-athletes and, perhaps more importantly, as young women.”

“I wanted to send an email to congratulate you on a couple of achievements. Let’s start with basketball. I am not sure how many pennants you have earned throughout the years but they are deserved with many more to come. First and foremost, you have smashed the stereotype concerning girls and sports. I am sick of hearing adults, even educators and coaches, saying that girls can’t do the same things as boys (eg. play tough defence like your girls do, shoot the ball from the outside like your girls do, share the ball on a fast break with sharp crisp passes like your girls do). Your teams prove that the ball doesn’t know what gender is shooting it or dribbling it or stealing it or blocking it – ball just knows a damn good team is using it! I also know that haters going to hate but what is there to hate? Your team plays the “right” way:
     (1) not sure many teams could have had all 5 players touch the ball on a fast break like your team did in the finals against Unionville Meadows in the second half
     (2) your team never gets flustered and trusts the process and each other
     (3) never flaunt or showcase their talents – eg. when they make a basket or great play there is never a loud demonstration or “look at me” attitude that you
          sometimes see with other teams – there is a quiet satisfaction knowing that their hard work has paid off on the court – they are business like but not
          robotic like the New England Patriots as they are definitely enjoying what they are doing
     (4) I challenge any team, girls or boys, to say they work harder than your teams at both ends of the court”

 “At the girls, most who had the good fortune to watch the Ashton Meadows girls saw their victory as almost inevitable…”




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