We help players get to and excel at the Prep level

Former Above The 6 All-Star, Naki Alonzo, SBA Prep vs IEM Juel Prep All-Star, Sienna Papanastasiou-Thomas, J. Addison Prep 

Congratulations IEM Juel Prep

In our first year in Juel Prep  we finished 4th out of 19 teams, proving our program works.

2023 Juel Prep All-Stars

Mackenzie Fineman and Sienna Papanastasiou-Thomas

We develop prep players

AT6 currently has 32 former or current players from the 2005-2008 age groups playing Prep Basketball in 2023.

The New G-Elite League!

AT6 is honoured to be one of a few teams selected to participate in the inaugural season of the G-Elite League